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Who was Clara Collet?

  1. Perhaps the most important aspect of Collet's life for posterity is the vast collection of statistical and sometimes anecdotal descriptions of the late Victorian and Edwardian world in which she lived, collected as part of her work for Charles Booth and later the Civil Service. A full bibliography of her work is available in this book providing any researcher into the period with a vast wealth of original and fascinating data
  2. She worked for Charles Booth helping in his great investigative work on the conditions prevailing in late nineteenth century London. To this end she took up residency in the East End during the autumn of 1888 possibly brushing shoulders with Jack the Ripper himself.
  3. Collet was probably George Gissing's closest friend during the last ten years of his life.
  4. She worked for over thirty years in the Civil Service advising politicians on issues affecting women and their work.

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